ICOM Price List 2016-2020

Pricelist 01-01-2016
ProductDescriptionWith or forVerkoop prijzen NL & BE
ex btwincl btw
IC-R9500Receiver base model 0.005 - 3335 MHz, 230 Vwith DC power cable10944.4413242.7724X
IC-7800HAM HF Tranceiver, 50MHz / 200W / 117V AC / Ant. Tuner / Dual watchwith AC powercable8277.7810016.1138X
IC-PW1EUROHAM Liner amplifierwith OPC-85362707586.7
IC-7700HAM HF Tranceiver, 50MHz / 200W / 230V AC / Ant. Tunerwith AC powercable53006413h
IC-M801GMDSSMarine HF tranceiver with Wheelmark Tx 1.6-27.5 - Rx 0.5-29.999 MHz, 125W, DSC Class-A, 12Vwith HS-98, SP-24E, RC-25, OPC-146644955438.95*
MXR-5000TBlackbox 4kW Radar "Open array scanner"for MarineCommander40294875.09*
IC-M801E #02Marine HF tranceiver Tx 1.6-27.5 - Rx 0.5-29.999 MHz, 125W, DSC Class-E, 24Vwith HS-98, SP-24E, RC-25, OPC-146632893979.69*
IC-M801E #12Marine HF tranceiver Tx 1.6-27.5 - Rx 0.5-29.999 MHz, 125W, DSC Class-E, 12Vwith HS-98, SP-24E, RC-25, OPC-146632893979.69*
IC-7600HAM HF Tranceiver, 50MHz 100W / tuner/TPBT/DDS filterwith HM-36, OPC-1457, MB-1213094.123743.8852h
IC-9100HAM HF / 50 MHz / VHF / UHF Tranceiver Optional 1200 MHzwith HM-36, OPC-14572940.343557.8114h
MXP-5000Main proccesor unitfor MarineCommander28953502.95*
MXR-5000RBlackbox 4kW Radar "Randome scanner"for MarineCommander25373069.77*
UR-PA6000 #3150W/100W PA Amplifier for 400 - 470 MHzfor FR5100/F610024592975.39*
IC-F8100*****PMR HF Tranceiver Tx:1.6-30MHz, Rx: 0.5-30MHz, 125Wwith HM-193, SP-25, RMK-622892769.69*
RS-MGR1NXDN system manager softwarefor Multi Site Trunking system21962657.16*
IC-F7000PMR HF Tranceiver 0.5-30 MHz, 125Wwith HM-155, SP-25, OPC-128921292576.09*
IC-M802Marine HF tranceiver Tx 1.6-27.5 - Rx 0.5-29.999 MHz, 125W, DSC Class-E, 12V, No R&TTEwith HM-135, SP-24, RC-25, OPC-1107A, OPC-110620392467.19*
IC-R8500Receiver base model 0.100 - 2000 MHz, 13,8 Vwith OPC-023D19792394.59*
UC-FR5000 #03Multi site trunking controller & interface boardfor FR5100/F610019202323.2*
AH-740Automatic tuning antenna (relay switching)for F8101 with AT-14117952171.95*
MXD-5000TFT Displayfor MarineCommander16952050.95*
IC-7410HAM HF Tranceiver, 50MHz 100W / tuner/TPBT/DDS filterwith HM-36, OPC-14571574.791905.4959h
CF-FR5000MTSoftware upgrade CF card (for IDAS Multi-site Trunking)for UC-FR5000 (ms trunking)14951808.95*
ID-RP2VHAM Dstar 1.2 GHz repeater for Digital voice14551760.55
ID-RP2000VHAM Dstar 144 MHz repater for Digital Voicewith OPC-1309, OPC-1069A14251724.25
ID-RP4000VHAM Dstar 430 MHz repater for Digital Voicewith OPC-1309, OPC-1069A14251724.25
ID-RP2CHAM Dstar Controller for ID-RP2D/V/L with OPC-138013641650.44
IC-F1721DPMR Mobile Tranceiver 136-174 MHz CH.SP 15.0/30.0 KHz USA model !!with HM-148, OPC-113212691535.49*
IC-FR6100PMR IDAS Repeater 400-470 MHz, 6.25/12.5/20/25 kHz, 25W, 32chwith OPC-178411991450.79*
IC-FR5100PMR IDAS Repeater 136-174 MHz, 6.25/12.5/20/25 kHz, 25W, 32chwith OPC-178411991450.79*
VE-PG3 #12RoIP Gatewaywith BC-123SE11951445.95*
IC-7100HAM Tranceiver, 0.5-29.99, 50-54, 70-70.5, 76-108, 144-146, 430-440 MHzwith HM-198, OPC-2253, DC & USB Cable11951445.95h
RC-FS10Remote communicatorfor IDAS11551397.55*
IC-7000HAM HF Tranceiver, 50-52, 144-146, 430-440 MHzwith HM-151, OPC-1457R1141.181380.8278h
IC-A210EAirband Panel Mount Tranceiver 118-136.975 MHz CS: 25/8,333kHz w/VFOwith MB-11311211356.41*
ID-RP2DHAM Dstar 1.2 GHz repeater for Digital datawith Control Cable10601282.6
IC-A110EUROAirband Mobile Tranceiver 118-136.975 MHz CS: 25/8,333kHz w/VFOwith HM-161, OPC10919951203.95*
VE-PG2 #12RoIP Gatewaywith BC-123SE8651046.65*
UR-FR6100Channel module for 400-470 MHZfor FR5100/F6100826999.46*
UR-FR5100Channel module for 136-174 MHZfor FR5100/F6100826999.46*
IC-7200HAM HF Tranceiver, 1.8-29.7 50-52 MHz, 100Wwith HM-36, OPC-1457823.53996.4713h
PS-80DC power supply (no microphone)for A200764924.44*
AT-140 #46HF antenna tuner (radiation up), incl. 2182 kHz tunerfor M802724876.04*
ID-1*****HAM Dstar Mobile tranceiver 1240-1300 MHzwith HM-154, SP-22, RC-24699845.79h
IC-M87 #17Marine/PMR handheld INT/Basel channels, Land 146-174 MHz, ATIS, 5W, IPX7, ATEXwith BP-227AX, BC-152, BC-147SE. MB-86, FA-S59V649785.29*
IC-M603*****Marine VHF radio INT/Basel channels, ATIS, DSC, Optional 2 * Command Mic, IPX7with HM-126RB, OPC-1174649785.29*
IC-F4262DTPMR IDAS Handheld with GPS 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP67.with BP-232WP, MB-94R, FA-SC55V639773.19*
IC-F3262DTPMR IDAS Handheld with GPS 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP67.with BP-232WP, MB-94R, FA-SC55V639773.19*
IC-F4262DSPMR IDAS Handheld with GPS 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP67.with BP-232WP, MB-94R, FA-SC55V629761.09*
IC-F3262DSPMR IDAS Handheld with GPS 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP67.with BP-232WP, MB-94R, FA-SC55V629761.09*
IC-MA500TRMarine AIS Transponder with display Class B, 2W, Ch 87B - Ch 88B, needs MXG-5000 GPSwith OPC-2059, OPC-2014626757.46*
IC-F5062DPMR IDAS Mobile 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 25W, 512chwith HM-152, OPC-1194A610738.1*
SB-110*****Wireles Lan Bridge 2.4GHZ 11MBPSw/RTTE595719.95*
AD-119Junction Boxfor F8100589712.69*
MXF-5000Blackbox fish finderfor MarineCommander589712.69*
IC-F41GT-MT*****PMR MPT Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz with key padwith BP210N, MB-103, FA-SC557U589712.69*
AT-141 #43HF antenna tuner (radiation up), incl. 2182 kHz tunerfor M801E589712.69*
AT-141 #44HF antenna tuner (radiation up), incl. 2182 kHz tunerfor M801GMDSS589712.69*
IC-F2810*****PMR Mobile Tranceiver 400-470 MHz CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 KHzwith HM-152, OPC-1194A, SP-22579700.59*
IC-718HAM HF Tranceiver, 0.5-30 MHz, 100Wwith HM-36, OPC-025A571.76691.8296h
IC-R20Receiver handheld 0.150 - 3304.9999 MHz (FM/WFM/AM)with BP-206, BC-149D571690.91*
IC-F61 #63PMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, 12.5/20/25kHz, ATEX (Gas, Vapor & Dust), w/roiling scrambler, IPX7with BP-227AXD, FA-S27U, MB-98569688.49*
IC-F3162DTPMR IDAS Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP55.with BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V560677.6*
IC-F4162DTPMR IDAS Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP55.with BP-232N,MB-94, FA-SC57U560677.6*
IC-F51 #62PMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, 12.5/20/25kHz, ATEX (Gas, Vapor & Dust), w/roiling scrambler, IPX7with BP-227AXD ,FA-S59V, MB-98549664.29*
IC-F4162DSPMR IDAS Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP55.with BP-232N, MB-94R, FA-SC57U547661.87*
IC-M88*****Marine/PMR handheld INT/USA/CAN/WX channels, Land 146-174 MHz, 5W, FM IS Safewith BP-227FM, BC-152, BC-147SA, MB-86539652.19*
UX-136 *****Wirless LAN card534646.14*
IC-F1710*****PMR Mobile Tranceiver 136-174 MHz CH.SP 12,5/20/25 KHzwith HM-152, OPC-1194A529640.09*
DS-100*****DSC terminal unit for DSC Class D of M501EURO522631.62*
UC-FR5000 #02Trunking controller & interface boardfor FR5100/F6100495598.95*
IC-F5061PMR Mobile 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 50W, 512ch optional IDAS, No R&TTEwith HM-148, OPC-1132492595.32*
IC-M400BBMarine VHF black box radio INT/Basel channels, ATIS, DSC, IPX7with HM-195B, OPC-1540, OPC-891A489591.69*
IC-F610*****PMR Mobile 400-470MHz, 12.5/25 kHz, 25W, 128chwith HM-100N, OPC-345484585.64*
IC-F31GT*****PMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad and display.with BP-210N, MB-103, FA-SC55V480580.8*
IC-F5122DPMR IDAS Mobile 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 25W, 128chwith HM-152, OPC-1194A469567.49*
IC-F6122DPMR IDAS Mobile 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 25W, 128chwith HM-152, OPC-1194A469567.49*
AH-2BHF antenna elementfor AH4467565.07*
UX-910*****1200 mhz unitfor 910H466.39564.3319
AT-180HF automatic antenna tunerfor 7000/7200465562.65
IC-E2820HAM Mobile Tranceiver 144-146, 430-440 MHz optional D-Starwith HM-133, OPC-1132A, OPC-1712, OPC-1663463.53560.8713h
IC-GM1600E #31Marine GMDSS handheld MED approved needs BP-234 to comply to Wheelmarkwith BP-252, BC-173, BC-147SE, MB-103Y459555.39*
IC-F6062PMR Mobile 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 25W, 512ch optional IDASwith HM-152, OPC-1194A449543.29*
IC-F5062PMR Mobile 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz, 25W, 512ch optional IDASwith HM-152, OPC-1194A449543.29*
ID-E51HAM Dstar handheld 144-146, 430-440 MHz, 5W, IPX7with BP-271, BC-167SD, MB-127, FA-S270C440.34532.8114h
AH-710Rx 100 MHz-3300 MHz, Tx 118-137, etc.for any radio440532.4*
PS-66 *****DC-DC converter (24V->13.8V)for M710GMDSS439531.19*
IC-F31GS*****PMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad.with BP-210N, MB-103, FA-SC55V439531.19*
ID-E880TR: 144 - 146, 430 - 440 MHzwith HM-133, OPC-1132, OPC-1154A436.47528.1287h
IC-F3062TPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V429519.09*
IC-A24EAirband handheld 118-136.975 MHz, 8.33/25kHz, Rx only for VOR(108-118)with BP-210N, BC-167SD, MB-103, LC-159, FA-B02AR429519.09*
IC-E92DHAM D-Star handheld 144-146, 430-440 MHz, 5Wwith BP-256, BC-167SD, FA-S270C, MB-111, strap428.24518.1704h
IC-F61MMarine "on board" handheld 457.525-467.575 MHz, 25 kHz, 2W, Vibration alert, Voice Recorderwith BP-227, FA-S27U, MB-98426515.46*
UC-FR5000Trunking controller & interface boardfor FR5100/F6100425514.25*
AP-11*****Wireles Acces point421509.41*
IC-F3162TPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V399482.79*
IC-F4162TPMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz with key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC57U399482.79*
PS-250*****DC-DC power supply (Wheelmark)for GM651398481.58*
HM-192Remote controle ,icrophonefor F8100395477.95*
IC-F3062S*****PMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V395477.95*
UX-91001200 mhz unitfor 9100390471.9
IC-F4162SPMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC57U386467.06*
IC-F3162SPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP55, optional IDASwith BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V386467.06*
IC-F61VPMR Handheld 400-470MHz, CH.SP. 12.5/20/25 kHz, Vibration alert, Voice Recorder, IP67with BP-274, FA-S27U, MB-98379458.59*
IC-F51VPMR Handheld 136-174MHz, CH.SP. 12.5/20/25 kHz, Vibration alert, Voice Recorder, IP67with BP-274, FA-S59V, MB-98379458.59*
IC-A6EAirband handheld 118-136.975 MHz, 8.33/25kHzwith BP-210N, BC-167SD, MB-103, LC-159, FA-B02AR, LC159379458.59*
IC-M87 #05Marine/PMR handheld INT/Basel channels, Land 146-174 MHz, ATIS, 5W, IPX7with BP-274, BC-152, BC-147SE, MB-86, FA-S59V369446.49*
PS-100Power supplyfor A110EURO368445.28*
PS-126DC power supplyfor 7600362438.02
IC-M423Marine VHF radio INT/Basel channels, ATIS, DSC, Noise Cancelling, Optional Command Mic, IPX7with HM-196B, OPC-891A359434.39*
BC-197 #33Multi-chargerfor BP-245N349422.29*
IC-MXA-5000Marine AIS Black-Box Receiver, CH87B - CH88B antenna splitter build inwith OPC-1954349422.29*
BC-197 #23Multi-chargerfor BP-232N/BP-232H349422.29*
IC-F3102DPMR IDAS Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad and display, IP54with BP-265, BC-193, BC-123SE, MB-124, FA-SC55V349422.29*
BC-197 #13Multi-chargerfor BP-265349422.29*
IC-F4102DPMR IDAS Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 8,33/12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad and display, IP54with BP-265, BC-193, BC-123SE, MB-124, FA-SC57U349422.29*
MB-108Mounting bracketfor M801E/M801GMDSS345417.45*
IC-E80D*****HAM D-Star handheld 144-146, 430-440 MHz, Rx: 0.495 - 999.990, 5Wwith BP-217, BC-167ND, FA-S270C, MB-107, strap344.71417.0991h
IC-RX7*****Receiver handheld with MMI 0,150 - 1300 MHzwith BP-244, BC-149D, FA-S270C, MB-112G339410.19*
IC-M91DMarine DSC handheld INT/Basel channels, ATIS, 5W, Floats, IPX7with BP-275, BC-204, BC-147SE, FA-SC59V, MB-109329398.09*
AH-4HF automatic antenna tunerfor HF transceivers328396.88
IC-F4029SDRdPMR446 digital: 446.103125-446.196875 MHz, analog: 446.00625-446.09375 MHzwith BP-232N, BC-160, BC145SE, MB-94320387.2*
MN-100Antenna matcher (both side terminal)for M710/707318384.78*
MN-100LAntenna matcher (both side terminal)for F7000318384.78*
SU-11*****USB Wireless Lan Unit315381.15*
OPC-853AC lin filterfor PW-1 EMC310375.1
MB-53Mounting bracket (with HM-176)for A200/A210306370.26*
DS-100 #02 DSC terminal unit for DSC Class D of M401EURO, M503306370.26*
RS-RP2CGateway softwarefor ID-RP2C304367.84
IC-F5022PMR Mobile 136-174MHz, 12.5/25 kHz, 25W, 128chwith HM-152, OPC-1194A299361.79*
IC-F6022PMR Mobile 400-470MHz, 12.5/25 kHz, 25W, 128chwith HM-152, OPC-1194A299361.79*
SP-34External speakerfor 7700/7800298360.58
IC-M73EURO+Marine handheld INT/Basel channels, ATIS, 6W, IPX8with BP-245N, BC-210, BC-123SE, CP-25H, FA-S64V, MB-103295356.95*
IC-M323Marine VHF radio INT/Basel channels, ATIS, DSC, IPX7with HM-200BB, OPC-891A289349.69*
ID-E31HAM Dstar handheld 430-440 MHz, GPS, 5W, IPX7with BP-271, BC-167SD, MB-127, FA-S270C284.87344.6927h
IC-F3032SPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP67with BP-232WP, MB-94, FA-SC55V279337.59*
IC-F4032SPMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP67with BP-232WP, MB-94, FA-SC57U279337.59*
HM-171GPSpeaker microphone with GPSfor F3102D-serie279337.59*
IC-F4022TPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz, IP54with BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC57U269325.49*
IC-F3022TPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz, IP54with BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V269325.49*
IC-M71*****Marine handheld INT/Basel channels, ATIS, 6W, IPX8with BP-245N, BC-166, BC-147SE, FA-S64V, MB-103269325.49*
PS-300*****Power supplyfor all radios262317.02
IC-F6012PMR Mobile 400-470 MHz, 12.5/20.0/25 kHz, 25W, 8ch, w/o displaywith HM-152, OPC-1194A259313.39*
IC-F5012PMR Mobile 136-174 MHz, 12.5/20/25 kHz, 25W, 8ch, w/o displaywith HM-152, OPC-1194A259313.39*
BC-121NMulti-charger (no BC-157S and OPC656 included)for many handheld255308.55*
IC-F4022SPMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP54with BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC57U249301.29*
IC-A15Airband handheld 108-136.975 MHz with key-padwith BP-232N, BC-179, BC-174E, FA-B02AR, MB-94249301.29*
IC-F3022SPMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad, IP54with BP-232N, MB-94, FA-SC55V249301.29*
AH-8000Rx 100 MHz-3300 MHz, Tx 118-137, etc.for any radio248300.08*
AP-12Wireles Acces point244295.24*
IC-A15SAirband handheld 108-136.975 MHz w/o key-padwith BP-232N, BC-179, BC-174E, FA-B02AR, MB-94239289.19*
CM-176Lithium battery pack (12V/3600mAh)for GM1500239289.19*
FL-53 *****CW narrow filter (455kHz/250Hz)for 751A238287.98
HM-195BComandmic (Black)for M423/M400BB234283.14*
UT-122Digital unit for P25for PCR2500/R2500230278.3*
SL-11*****Wireles Lan Card226273.46*
FL-52 *****CW narrow filter (455kHz/500Hz)for 751A226273.46
UT-123Digital unit for Voice and Data with GPSfor E2820219264.99
IC-R6Receiver handheld 0.1-1309.995 MHz (FM/WFM/AM), 1250 memory channelwith BC-196SD, 2 * Ni-MH cell219264.99*
IC-M35Marine handheld INT/Basel channels, ATIS, 5W, Floats, IPX7with BP-252, BC-173, BC-147SE, FA-SC55V, MB-109 219264.99*
SM-50Desktop microphone (8-pin conecter)for HAM base radio214258.94
UT-118D-Star unit for U82/V82211255.31
MXG-5000GPS Receiverfor MA500TR210254.1*
HM-170GPSpeaker microphone with GPSfor F3162-serie209252.89*
EX-3187Display extension cable (5m)for MarineCommander209252.89*
FL-52ACW narrow filter (455kHz/500Hz)for R75/746/756/R8500/707201243.21*
HS-98Handset (Wheelmark)for M801E/M801GMDSS195235.95*
RC-28Remote encoderfor HAM radio's195235.95
BP-234Lithium battery (9 V/3300 mAh)for GM1600E195235.95*
HM-175GPSSpeaker microphone with GPSfor E92D194234.74
HM-162E*****Comandmic (Black)for M505/M603193233.53*
IC-E7*****HAM handheld 144-146, 430-440 MHzwith BP-243, BC-164#13, BC-145LE, antenna, strap190229.9h
IC-F4002PMR Handheld 400-470 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad and display, IP54with BP-265, BC-193, BC-123SE, MB-124, FA-SC57U189228.69*
IC-F3002PMR Handheld 136-174 MHz, CH.SP. 12,5/20/25 Khz w/o key pad and display, IP54with BP-265, BC-193, BC-123SE, MB-124, FA-SC55V189228.69*
OPC-1078Radar cable 30 meterfor MarineCommander185223.85*
IC-M23Marine handheld INT/Basel channels, ATIS, 5W, Floats, IPX7with BP-266, BC199SE, FA-SC58V, MB-124185223.85*
IC-F27SRPMR446 handheld 500 mW 466.00625-446.09375 MHz, 8 channels, IP54with BP-265, BC-193, BC-123SE, MB-124 179216.59*
HM-134B*****Comandmic (Black)for M503/M601179216.59*
UT-110Voice scrambler unit (rolling type)for many mobile radio173209.33*
UT-110RVoice scrambler unit (rolling type)for IC-F3162 serie173209.33*
UT-110Voice scrambler unit (rolling type)for many handheld173209.33*
FL-222SSB narrow filter (455kHz/1.9kHz)for R75/746/775/756172208.12*
BP-227AXLi-ion battery (7.4/1700mAh) Atex versionfor M87Atex169204.49*
BP-227AXDLi-ion battery (7.4/1700mAh) Atex versionfor F51/F61Atex169204.49*
OPC-636 *****Microphone conversion cablefor many handhelds166200.86*
FL-53ACrystal filter (455KHz)for 703165199.65
FL-257SSB wide filter (455kHz/3.3kHz)for R75/746/756165199.65*
UT-126HDSP unit for F3162 serie161194.81*
HM-189GPSSpeaker microphone with GPSfor E80156188.76
HS-95Headset boom mice typefor VS-1/VS-1L/VS-1SC156188.76*
IC-4088ELPD handheld 10 mW 433.075 - 434.775 MHz, 69 channelswith belt clip155187.55*
OPC-1077Radar cable 20 meterfor MarineCommander155187.55*
IC-4088SRPMR446 handheld 500 mW 466.00625-446.09375 MHz, 8 channelswith belt clip155187.55*
IC-T70E*****HAM handheld 144-146, 430-440 MHz, 5Wwith BP-264, BC-167SD, MB-124154.12186.4852h
UT-121Digital unit for E91146176.66
RC-18 *****DSC distress buttonfor M59EURO145175.45*
UT-105*****SmarTrunk2 boardfor F3/F30/F1010/F1610144174.24*
BP-227FMLi-ion battery (7.4/1700mAh) FM versionfor M88FM (i/s)142171.82*
HM-90*****Cordless microphonefor 2800/207 w/EX-1759141170.61
CR-293High stability crystal (30.200 MHz)for R8500/821139168.19*
BP-85*****Ni-Cd battery pack (12V/400mAh)for M9/R1/2S134162.14*
BC-35E*****Desktop charger for H16/A21/M12130157.3*
BC-157SAC adapter (12V/7A)for BC-121N129156.09*
OPC-966Cloning cable for PC-Trcvfor F3162/F3262-serie129156.09*
SM-30Desktop microphone (8-pin conecter)for HAM base radio129156.09
SP-21External speaker for base (8 ohm)for R8500129156.09*
OPC-966UCloning cable for PC-Trcv USBfor F3162/F3262-serie129156.09*
CT-17CI-V level converterany CI-V system127153.67*
UT-109RVoice scrambler unit (non-rolling type)for IC-F3162 serie123148.83*
UT-109Voice scrambler unit (non-rolling type)for many mobile radio123148.83*
SP-23*****External speakerfor HAM base radio123148.83
UT-109Voice scrambler unit (non-rolling type)for many handheld123148.83*
UT-112Voice scrambler unitfor M1EUROV/M505123148.83*
HM-138Waterproof speaker microphonefor F51/F61/M87123148.83*
UT-106DSP unit for receiverfor R75/706MK2G/PCR1000122147.62*
OPC-871Headset adapterfor A110EURO121146.41*
OPC-5664-conductor shielded cablefor M710/AT130121146.41*
OPC-1862Cloning cable (14Pin multi connector type <-> USB ) for HHfor F3262-serie119143.99*
SM-26Desktop microphone (moduler conecter)for F5022/F5062/F5062D/FR5100119143.99*
RMK-2Remote control kitfor F1700-serie116140.36*
OPC-20745M. connection cable between VE-PG2 and a repeaterfor VE-P2G109131.89*
IC-V80E*****HAM handheld 144-146, 5,5Wwith BP-264, BC-192, BC-147SE, MB-124104.71126.6991h
HM-176Speaker microphonefor A200/A210102123.42*
EM-80*****Speaker microphonefor F31/F41G-serie100121*
BP-227Li-ion battery (7.4/1700mAh)for M87/F51V/F61V 98118.58*
HM-184Waterproof Speaker Microphone (IP57 Waterproof) (14pin multiconnector type)for F3262 series98118.58*
SP-33External speaker for base for HAM base radio98118.58
BP-274Li-ion battery (7.4/1800mAh)for M87/F51V/F61V 98118.58*
MB-78Rack mount bracketfor FR3100/FR410097117.37*
CR-282High stability crystal (30.000 MHz)for 775DSP96116.16
RMK-3Remote control kitfor F5062-serie95114.95*
SM-27Desktop microphone (moduler conecter)for IC-718/720095114.95
UX-120 *****DSC/ATIS unitfor M59EURO95114.95*
HM-153LSEarphone Mic (Slim L plug)for ID31E94113.74*
FL-70 *****SSB wide filter (9.0115MHz/2.8 kHz)for 751A93112.53
CF-FR5000MCSoftware upgrade CF card (for IDAS conventional IP network function)for UC-FR5000 #0192111.32*
HM-153LAEarphone Mic (L-shape)for F3032S/F4032S91110.11*
HM-168LWPWaterproof Speaker microphone (IP67)for F3032S-serie90108.9*
HM-169Waterproof Speaker microphonefor F51V-serie/F3162-serie/M8789107.69*
BP-200L*****Ni-MH battery pack (9.6V/760mAh)for A5/A2389107.69*
OPC-1122UProgramming cable USBfor F5022/F5022/F506289107.69*
OPC-1122Programming cablefor F5022/F5022/F506289107.69*
HM-168Waterproof Speaker microphonefor F51V-serie/F3162-serie/M8789107.69*
UT-83 *****5-Tone unitfor F3088106.48*
EM-89Speaker microphonefor F31/F41G-serie88106.48*
HM-126RB-1Microphone (Wheelmark)for GM65187105.27*
BC-135Desktop chargerfor R386104.06*
UT-53 *****DTMF endoder/decoder unitfor H1086104.06*
HM-153Earphone Micfor several hand-held86104.06*
OPC-2321Cable for antenna tunerfor AH-74086104.06
HM-153PEarphone Micfor E786104.06*
HM-137BHand microphone (Black)for M60185102.85*
HM-136BHand microphone (Black)for M60185102.85*
OPC-2202Control cable (NXDN / dPMR Mode 2 / FM) to IC-FR5100 / F6100for UR-PA5000/600085102.85*
OPC-1536Copy Cablefor F3162-serie84101.64*
MB-77Wall mount bracketfor FR3100/FR410083100.43*
UT-124RMan down unitfor F3022 serie8299.22*
UT-124Man down unitfor F15/F34/F31G8299.22*
HS-51*****Headset (VOX, PTT)for several hand-held8299.22*
HM-167Waterproof Speaker microphonefor GM1600E/M71/M91D8299.22*
CT-23PTT Microphone adaptorfor IDAS8198.01*
HM-202Waterproof Speaker microphonefor M73EURO7995.59*
RS-M710RT*****Remote control softwarefor M710R#017995.59*
HM-180Speaker microphonefor M710/M700PRO7995.59*
OPC-2078Interface Cablefor F5012/F5022/F5122D7995.59*
BC-119NDesktop charger (incl. BC-145E)for many handheld7995.59*
HM-126RB Microphonefor M6037894.38*
CM-141*****Ni-Cd battery pack (7.2V/1400mAh)for F30 7894.38*
MB-113 Rear panel adapter for D-SUB connectorfor A2107691.96*
BP-215NLi-ion battery (7.2V/1800mAh)for M1EUROV7691.96*
BC-156Rapid chargerfor R207691.96*
HM-174Speaker microphone waterprooffor E92D7691.96
CS-F7000Programming softwarefor F70007590.75*
FL-133*****CW narrow filter (10.9491 MHz/500Hz)for 910H7590.75
RS-BA1IP Remote softwarefor HF tranceivers74.7890.4838
HM-165Waterproof Speaker microphonefor M357489.54*
OPC-20735M. connection cable between VE-PG2 and a mobile transceiverfor VE-P2G7287.12*
RS-R75Remote control softwarefor R757287.12*
BP-157A*****Ni-Cd battery pack (7.2V/900mAh)for F10/M10/V687287.12*
UT-54 *****CTCSS unitfor H117185.91*
OPC-2275Cable for mobile tranceiver 5 meterfor VE-PG37185.91*
HM-159SC #11Speaker Microphone (low sensitivity)for F3062/F31Gserie6983.49*
HM-173Speaker microphonefor A6E/A24E6983.49*
BP-272Li-ion battery (7,4V/1880 mAh)for ID31E6983.49*
HM-159SC #01Speaker microphone (standard sensitivity)for F3062/F31Gserie6983.49*
CS-M72Programming softwarefor M71, OPC-478/U & OPC-922 required6679.86*
CS-A24Programming softwarefor A6E/A24E, OPC-478 required6679.86*
CS-R3*****Programming softwarefor R3, OPC-478/U required6679.86*
CS-M801Programming softwarefor M8016679.86*
CS-M401EURProgramming softwarefor M401, OPC-478 & OPC-1086 required6679.86*
HM-155Hand microphonefor F70006679.86*
MB-33C *****Flush mount, greyfor M1206679.86*
OPC-822RS-232C cablefor F16106679.86*
CS-M73Programming softwarefor M73EURO, OPC-478/U & OPC-922 required6679.86*
HM-152THand microphone DTMFfor F5012/6012/5022/6022/5062/60626679.86*
CS-M24Programming softwarefor M23, OPC-478/U & OPC-2091 required6679.86*
CS-A110Programming softwarefor A110, OPC-478 & OPC-592 required6578.65*
FL-34*****AM filter (9MHz)for 720A6578.65
OPC-639*****DC power cable w/CE filterfor 706MK2G6578.65
CS-A110EUROProgramming softwarefor A110euro, OPC-478 & OPC-592 required6578.65*
HM-126BMicrophonefor M501/M5036578.65*
OPC-608Front panel detacheble cable (8m)for RMK-16578.65*
BP-206Lithium battery pack (3,7V/1650mAh)for R3/R206477.44*
OPC-1465Shielded Control Cablefor AT-1416477.44*
OPC-1147N4-conductor shilded cablefor M802 / AT-140 #366477.44*
OPC-1086*****Cloning cable (opc478/U needed)for M401E/M503/M6016477.44*
BP-228*****Battery pack NiCd (9,6V/2800mAh)for IC-7036376.23
HM-119Speaker microphonefor A46376.23*
OPC-1457RDC power cable with filterfor 70006275.02
HM-148GHeavy Duty hand microphonefor F50616275.02*
BP-275Li-ion battery (7,4V1500 mAh)for M91D6275.02*
HM-75LSHand mic (Slim L-plug)for ID31E6275.02*
BP-232WPLi-ion battery (7,4V/2000 mAh)for F3032S/F4032S6173.81*
UT-965-Tone unit (2-tone capability)F3/F3G/F310/F1010/F16106173.81*
BP-232HLi-ion battery (7,4V/2250 mAh)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31626173.81*
HM-135Speaker microphonefor M8026173.81*
BP-217Li-ion battery (7.4/1300mAh)for E90/E916173.81
BP-245NLi-ion battery (3,7V/1900 mAh)for M716173.81*
BP-160*****Ni-Cd battery pack (7.2V/700mAh)for F10/M10/V685971.39*
OPC-1939Option cablefor F5012/F5022/F5122D5971.39*
HM-159LASpeaker microphone (High sensitivity) (L-shape)for several hand-held5971.39*
OPC-478UCCloning cable for PC-Trcv USBfor several hand-held5971.39*
BC-139Desktop rapid charger for BP-217for E90/E915971.39
BP-210NNi-MH battery pack (7.2V/1650mAh)for A6E/A24E and F3G/F31G-series5971.39*
OPC-726Seperation Cablefor F81005971.39*
FA-SC13LFlexible antenna (76-88 MHz)for F31GSL5971.39*
HM-131SCSpeaker microphonefor F31G/F41G5971.39*
VS-1SCVOX unit/PTT unit for HS94/95/975870.18*
OPC-607Front panel detacheble cable (3m)for RMK-15870.18*
CS-M324Programming softwarefor M3235870.18*
CS-M400BBProgramming softwarefor M400BB5870.18*
FL-223SSB narrow filter (9.0115MHz/1.9kHz)for 706MK2G/746/775/7565768.97
OPC-1392Headset adapter cablefor GM1600E/M71/M90E5667.76*
UT-71 *****Programmable tone encoder unitfor Delta 15566.55
AD-55SEAC adapterfor R85005566.55*
AD-11814pin plug adapter (14pin multi-connector to 6pin connector)for F3262 series5566.55*
OPC-617ACC cablefor F110/010/F16105566.55*
OPC-499Headset adapterfor IC-A3/A6E/A15/A22/A24E5566.55*
RS-92Remote control softwarefor E92D5566.55
BP-256Li-ion battery (7,4V/1700 mAh)for E92D5566.55
BP-271Li-ion battery (7,4V/1150 mAh)for ID31E5566.55*
BC-144NDesktop charger (incl. BC-145E)for A6E/A24E/F3G/F4G/F12/F22 series5566.55*
BP-252Li-ion battery (7,4V/950 mAh)for M33/M355465.34*
CR-338High stability crystal (32.000 MHz)for 7185364.13
HM-133Speaker microphonefor 2800H/E2820/IDE8805364.13
CS-R20Programming softwarefor R20, incl. USB cable5364.13*
OPC-752Plug adaptor cablefor A45262.92*
OPC-2254Cable for mobile tranceiver 5 meterfor IC-71005262.92
CS-F4029DRProgramming softwarefor IF4029SDR OPC-478/U required5161.71*
OPC-440Mic extention cablefor 2800/2075161.71
OPC-922Plug adapter (OPC478->Trcv)for M1EUROV/M71/M91D5161.71*
HM-151Hand microfoon met bedieningfor 70005060.5*
MBF-1Controller mounting basefor MB-105A5060.5*
BC-190Desktop smart chargerfor F51/F61V4959.29*
AD-53*****Battery charger (small type; yellow)for GM15004959.29*
MB-130Vehicle charger bracketfor BC160/BC190/BC191/BC192/BC1934959.29*
OPC-1533Copy Cablefor F3162-serie & F5061-serie4959.29*
BC-162Desktop chargerfor BP-241/2524959.29*
OPC-609Front panel detacheble cable (1.9m)for RMK-14959.29*
CS-F25SRProgramming softwarefor F25SR, OPC-478 required4959.29*
UT-82 *****DTMF keypadfor F304858.08*
UT-99 *****ATIS unitfor M10E/M1EURO4858.08*
OPC-587Separation cable (5m)for 706MK2G4858.08
MB-116Front handlesfor 72004858.08
OPC-1444Front separatiekabel 5 meterfor 70004858.08
OPC-2218LUCloning cablefor ID31E4655.66
UT-59 *****DTCS unitfor H114655.66*
OPC-12864-conductor shilded cable (10m)for F70004554.45*
OPC-1466ASeperation Cablefor M801E/M801GMDSS4554.45*
BP-265Li-ion battery (7,4V/2000 mAh)for F3002/F4002/F3102D/F4102D4554.45*
HM-166LSEarphone Mic (Slim L plug)for ID31E4554.45
OPC-999Extention cablefor HM-134B4554.45*
OPC-12874-conductor shilded cable (5m)for F70004554.45*
CS-R6Programming softwarefor R6, OPC-478/U required4554.45*
CS-R5*****Programming softwarefor R5, OPC-478/U required4554.45*
OPC-1540Standard cablefor HM-162E4554.45*
MB-120*****Mounting base w/front panel bracket same as MB-65for 706MK2G/2800/207/R25004554.45*
HM-131Speaker microphonefor 4088E/4088SR/F3/M34453.24*
HM-158LASpeaker microphone (L-shape)for several hand-held4453.24*
UT-48 *****DTMF endoder/decoder unitfor 9014453.24
BP-261Battery case (AA x 6)for A15-serie4453.24*
CS-A14Programming softwarefor A15 serie, OPC-478 required4453.24*
AD-58*****Battery charger (wall attach type)for M1EURO4453.24*
CP-22Cigarette lighter cablefoe BC-1794453.24*
SP-24EExternal speakerfor M603/M801E/M8024352.03*
BC-177Desktop chargerfor E92D 4352.03
HM-132 Speaker microphonefor M4014352.03*
HM-161Speaker microphonefor A110EURO4352.03*
HM-166LAEarphone Mic (L-shape)for several hand-held4352.03*
HM-166L*****Earphone Mic (L-shape)for several hand-held4352.03*
CP-20Cigarette lighter cablefor A6E/A24E4352.03*
OPC-1541Extension cable 6.1 meterfor HM-162E4352.03*
CS-7100Programming softwarefor IC-7100, USB cable required4250.82
HM-154THand microphone DTMFfor several amateur mobile radios4250.82
OPC-2253Cable for mobile tranceiver 3,5 meterfor IC-71004250.82
OPC-552Cloning cable (PC->Trcv)for M7104250.82*
BC-202Rapid charger (w/BC-167SE)for ID31E/ID51E41.550.215*
BP-198*****Ni-Cd battery pack (4.8V/700mAh)for T8/T814149.61
MB-5Mobile mounting bracketfor R75/821/707/R71004048.4*
OPC-1799Data cablefor E92D4048.4
CS-2200HProgramming softwarefor 2200H, OPC-478 required4048.4
VS-1LVOX unit/PTT unit L-shapefor HS94/95/973947.19*
VS-1VOX unit/PTT unitfor HS94/95/973947.19*
FL-4313KHz 1st filterfor 91003947.19
BC-152NDesktop charger slow charger (BC-147SE needed)for M873947.19*
SP-35External speaker for mobilefor several mobile radio3947.19*
FL-4306KHz 1st filterfor 91003947.19
HM-46L*****Speaker microphone (L-shape)for several hand-held3947.19*
BC-160Desktop charger for BP-230N/232N/232H3947.19*
HM-152Hand microphonefor F5012/6012/5022/6022/5062/60623947.19*
OPC-478Cloning cable for PC-Trcvfor several hand-held3947.19*
HM-36Hand microphone for HFfor 746/756/775DSP3744.77
OPC-1655Cloning cablefor M35 3744.77*
BP-273Battery case (AA x 3)for ID31E3643.56*
BC-193Desktop rapid charger (Lion)for BP-2653643.56*
HM-166Earphone Micfor 4088E/4088SR/F3/M33643.56*
HM-103Hand microphone for HFfor 703/706MK2G/IDE8803643.56
UT-108RDTMF decoder unitfor F3022-serie3542.35*
OPC-1758Floating Antenna Cablefor M4113542.35*
UT-108DTMF decoder unitfor F3G-serie3542.35*
BC-191Desktop rapid charger (NiMH)for BP-2643542.35*
AD-54*****Battery charger (small type)for M10/F10/V683542.35*
BP-266Li-ion battery (3,7V/1500 mAh)for M233542.35*
OPC-581Separation cable (3.5m)for 706MK2G3441.14
OPC-1443Front separatiekabel 3,5 meterfor 70003441.14
CS-2720Programming softwarefor 2720/2725E, OPC-646 required3441.14
OPC-1797Mic/SP plug adapterfor E92D3441.14
BP-230NLi-ion battery (7,4V/980 mAh)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31623441.14*
CS-T90AProgramming softwarefor E90, OPC-478 required3441.14
HS-97Headset throat mic + earphonefor VS-1/VS-1L/VS-1SC3441.14*
OPC-599ACC conversion cable 13pin->8/7pinfor 706MK2G3441.14
BP-202XNi-Mh battery cell assemblyfor 4008E/SR3441.14*
OPC-1457DC power cable w/o filterfor 70003238.72
CS-2820Programming softwarefor E2820, OPC-478 required3238.72
BP-243Li-ion battery (3,7V/1800 mAh)for E73238.72
CS-208Programming softwarefor 208, OPC-478 required3238.72
BP-226Battery case (AA x 5)for M87/F51V/F61V 3238.72*
OPC-600RSeparation cable (3.5m) w/ferrite corefor 2083238.72
AD-95Battery charger (Wall attach & Desktop)for M1EUROV3238.72*
MB-12*****Mounting bracket for R85003238.72*
CS-V82Programming softwarefor V82/U82, OPC-478 required3238.72
BC-166Desktop chargerfor M7131.938.599*
UR-1 *****Receiver protector circuitfor R723137.51*
FA-S71UFlexible antennaUHF antenna (SMA)3137.51*
CS-T70Programming softwarefor T70E, OPC-478 required3036.3
CS-V80Programming softwarefor V80E, OPC-478/U required3036.3
MB-75Flush mountfor M503/M603/DS1003036.3*
CS-V85Programming softwarefor V85, OPC-478 required3036.3
CP-19RCigarette lighter cablefor E90/E91/E92D3036.3
CM-167Battery case (AA x 10)for A3/A222935.09*
BP-244*****Li-ion battery (3,7V/1100 mAh)for RX72935.09*
OPC-980Programming cablefor M505/M6032935.09*
OPC-1481Standard cable with plugfor HS-982935.09*
BC-155DConversion plugfor 7032935.09
BC-127D*****Ni-Cd cells and charger setfor R2/Q72935.09*
MB-69Flush mountfor M401E/M4112935.09*
MB-28Flush mount, Blackfor M59EURO2935.09*
BP-240Battery case (AA x 6)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622935.09*
OPC-347DC power cable (20A) 7 mfor 2800/207/21002935.09
CS-9100Programming softwarefor IC-9100, USB cable required2935.09
HM-186LSSpeaker Mic (Slim L plug)for ID31E2935.09
HM-128Speaker microphonefor several hand-held2833.88*
CS-P7*****Programming softwarefor IC-E7, OPC-478/U required2833.88
CP-21LR*****Cigarette lighter cablefor BC-1642833.88
CP-18ECigarette lighter cablefor R3/R5/R202833.88*
BP-251Battery case (AA x 5)for M33/M352833.88*
BC-179Desktop charger w/ BC-174Efor A15-serie2833.88*
HM-128LSpeaker microphone (L-shape)for several hand-held2833.88*
AD-52Earphone plug adapterfor F31/41G-serie2732.67*
OPC-626 *****Plug adapter (OPC478->Trcv)for M1EURO2732.67*
BC-137Desktop slow charger (BC-122 needed)for F12/F3G/F31/ series2732.67*
UT-100 *****Man down unitfor F302732.67*
MB-132Flush mount kitfor M323/M4232631.46*
HM-154Hand microphonefor several amateur mobile radios2631.46
BC-133Desktop slow chargerfor F3/A4/T22631.46*
CP-12LCigarette lighter cable w/filterfor T2/F3/R10/T22/T812631.46*
BC-194Desktop regular chargerfor R62631.46*
OPC-1088Modify cable for DS1002631.46*
MB-118Mobile mounting bracketfor 72002530.25
MB-96FClip met lederen hulsfor clip2530.25*
LC-170*****Carrying casefor RX72530.25*
HM-166PL*****Earphone Micfor E72530.25
BC-146Desktop chargerfor F3G/F22 series2530.25*
BC-171Slow chargerfor F15/F33/F3022/F31622530.25*
MB-96NClip met lederen hulsfor swivelclip2530.25*
BP-264Ni-MH battery pack (7.2V/1650mAh)for F3002/F4002/F3102D/F4102D2530.25*
HS-94Headset, earhook modelfor VS-1/VS-1L/VS-1SC2429.04*
MB-58*****Bracket for detached front panelfor 207/27102429.04
BP-130ABattery case (AA x 6)for F10/M10/V682429.04*
AD-100BC-119N attachementfor M87/88/F51V/F61V 23.127.951*
LC-174Carrying casefor T70E2327.83
LC-179Carrying casefor ID51E2327.83
FA-B02RE*****Flexible antenna (high gain)for R102327.83*
CP-23LCigarette lighter cablefor BC-119N/BC-162/BC-1732327.83*
OPC-1542Microphone cablefor M5052327.83*
LC-178Carrying casefor ID31E2327.83
SP-27Earphone tube typefor any handheld radio2327.83*
OPC-2091Cloning Cable adaptorfor M232327.83*
LC-151*****Carrying casefor R32327.83*
MB-30 *****Mounting bracket (both hanger&wall)for F10/W32/T7/T222327.83*
ST-10 *****Shoulderstrapfor many handhelds2226.62*
LC-159Carrying casefor A6E/A24E2226.62*
BC-173 Slow chargerfor M352125.41*
AD-113*****AC adapterfor R1500-serie2125.41*
BC-123SEAC adapter (12V/1A)for BC-119N/BC-1622125.41*
BC-192Desktop slow charger (NiMH)for BP-2642125.41*
FA-B01AR*****Flexible antennafor A3/A222125.41*
FA-B02ARFlexible antennafor A4/A5/A6E/A23/A24E2125.41*
BC-136D*****Wall chargerfor R32125.41*
FA-S24VFlexible antenna (136-150 MHz)for F51V2125.41*
BC-145SEAC adapterfor BC-119N/BC-1622125.41*
FA-S27UFlexible antenna (400-470 MHz)for F61V2125.41*
FA-S56UFlexible antenna (450-520 MHz)for F61V2125.41*
FA-S57USStubby antenna (450-490 MHz)for F61V2125.41*
FA-S57V-1Flexible antennafor M1EUROV2125.41*
FA-S59VFlexible antennafor M872125.41*
FA-S61VFlexible antennafor GM1600E2125.41*
BP-208NBattery case (AA x 6)for A6E/A24E and F3G/F31G-series2125.41*
FA-S62VSStubby Antennafor F502125.41*
FA-S63VSStubby antenna (160-174 MHz)for F51V2125.41*
BC-149D*****AC adapterfor R5/R202125.41*
BP-257Battery case (AA x 2)for E92D2125.41
FA-S64VFlexible antennafor M712125.41*
FA-S74UFlexible antennafor F61V2125.41*
FA-SC57VSStubby antenna (160-174 MHz)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622125.41*
FA-SC54VFlexible antenna (150-174 MHz)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622125.41*
FA-SC55VFlexible antenna (150-174 MHz)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622125.41*
FA-SC56VSStubby antenna (146-162 MHz)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622125.41*
FA-SC57UFlexible antenna (440-470 MHz)for F25/F44/F4022/F4032S/F41622125.41*
FA-SC58VFlexible antennafor M23/35/91D2125.41*
FA-SC61UCCut-antenna (380-520 MHz)for F25/F44/F4022/F4032S/F41622125.41*
FA-SC61VCCut-antenna (136 - 174 MHz)for F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31622125.41*
FA-SC73USStubby antenna (450-490 MHz)for F25/F44/F4022/F4032S/F41622125.41*
FA-SC24UFlexible antennafor F40/LT2125.41*
BC-158Slow chargerfor M902125.41*
LC-158Carrying casefor R202125.41*
LC-147*****Carrying casefor A232125.41*
LC-167*****Carrying casefor V85E2125.41
AD-69*****BC-119N attachementfor M1EURO2024.2*
SJ-1Silicone jacket (bumper)for ID-51E2024.2*
BP-223Battery case (AA x 6)for M21/M312024.2*
BC-199SEWall chargerfor M2319.523.595*
OPC-589Microphone adapter cablefor 706MKIIG/207/21001922.99
MB-123Carrying handlefor 74101922.99
OPC-025ADC power cable for base (20A)for 756/707/8211922.99
FA-B04RE*****Telescope antennafor R3/R201922.99*
FA-S270C*****Flexible antennafor R5/Q71922.99
BP-216Battery case (AA x 2 dry or alkaline cells)for E90/E911922.99
CP-25Cigarette lighter cablefor M91D1922.99*
BP-263Battery case (AA x 6)for F3002/F4002/F3102D/F4102D1922.99*
OPC-1382Programming cable USBfor R201922.99*
CP-24Cigarette lighter cablefor M231922.99*
OPC-025DDC power cable for base (30A)for 706MK2G1922.99
LC-168Carrying casefor E92D1922.99
AD-92SMAAntenna adapter SMA to BNCfor R5/E7/M71/M871922.99*
MB-92Dust Coverfor IC-M401E wit1922.99*
OPC-1532Clone cable radio to radiofor F5061-serie1922.99*
MB-121Carrying handlefor 76001922.99
AD-101BC-119N attachementfor A6E/A24E and F3G/F31G-series18.722.627*
LC-140*****Carrying casefor R101821.78*
OPC-1132ADC power cable for mobile (20A)for IC-F5022-serie1821.78*
LC-145*****Carrying casefor F3/T2/A41821.78*
LC-122Carrying case (CM-166)for A3/A221821.78*
AD-89BC-119N attachementfor 4008E/SR17.621.296*
MB-23Carrying handlefor R75/R8500/707/82117.521.175*
MB-103YBelt clipfor GM1600E17.521.175*
FA-1 *****Flexible antennafor 2021720.57
OPC-781 *****DC power cablefor M127euro1720.57*
CS-2710*****Programming softwarefor 2710H, OPC-646 required1720.57
AD-98FSCAntenna adapter J to BNCfor M23/35/91D and and F-series1720.57*
FA-S6270B*****Flexible antennafor T81720.57
OPC-1529RData cablefor E92D1720.57
AD-102*****BC-119N attachementfor M1EUROV1619.36*
AD-106BC-119N attachementfor F15/F34/F3022/F3032S/F31621619.36*
OPC-474Cloning cable for Trcv-Trcvfor F10/F3/W32/T21619.36*
OPC-1091DC power cablefor A110EURO1619.36*
OPC-1091DC power cablefor F1101619.36*
AD-109*****BC-119N attachementfor M901619.36*
OPC-1175ADC power cablefor M6031619.36*
FA-SC56UFlexible antennafor F25/F44/F4022/F4032S/F41621619.36*
OPC-1194ADC power cablefor F5062-serie1619.36*
AD-105BC-119N attachementfor 4088E/4088SR15.418.634*
AD-103BC-119N attachementfor M21/M3115.418.634*
AD-114BC-119N attachementfor M7115.418.634*
AD-110BC-119N attachementfor F70-serie15.418.634*
MB-16D *****Mounting bracket (wall type)for A21/H161518.15*
MB-86Swivel Belt Clipfor F51V/F61V/M871518.15*
OPC-616 *****DC power cable (dc-dc)for GM110DSC1518.15*
LC-148*****Carrying casefor T811518.15
MB-62Mobile mounting bracketfor 706MK2G1518.15
CS-T2*****Programming softwarefor T2H, OPC-478 required1518.15
MBA-1Controller mounting basefor MB-F11518.15
OPC-657A12V power cablefor 910H1518.15
CS-W32*****Programming softwarefor W32, OPC-478 required1518.15
BC-167SDWallcharger (12V500mA)for E91/E92D/A24E/A6E1518.15*
MB-74*****Aligator clipfor F3G-serie1518.15*
OPC-1364- condustor shield cablefor AH-41518.15
CS-T7*****Programming softwarefor T7H, OPC-478 required1518.15
AD-99NUniverseel battery spacerfor AD-94 1416.94*
OPC-782*****Plug adaptor cablefor E71416.94
AD-120BC-197 attachementfor BP-2641416.94*
AD-121BC-197 attachementfor BP-2651416.94*
MB-105AMounting base w/front panel bracketfor MBF-11416.94
OPC-1132DC power cable for mobile (20A)for 2720/V80001416.94
OPC-2006LSPlug cable adptorfor IDE31E1416.94
MB-98Belt clipfor F51V/F61V/M871416.94*
OPC-2004Plug adaptor cable for F3002/F3102D/F27SR1416.94*
OPC-1156Extension cable for controller, 3,5 meterfor 2720H/2725E1416.94
AD-123BC-119N attachementfor M231416.94*
MB-109Belt clip alligator typefor M35/M91D13.516.335*
MB-117Carrying handlefor 72001315.73
OPC-656DC power cablefor BC-121N1315.73*
OPC-254LDC power cablefor A4/A5/A241315.73*
OPC-515LDC power cablefor BC160/BC190/BC191/BC192/BC1931315.73*
AD-50BC-119N attachement (AD-75 needed)for A3/A221315.73*
MB-94Clipfor F4029SDR/F3022/F34G/F3102D/F31621315.73*
MB-93Belt clipfor F4029SDR/F3022/F34G/F31621315.73*
OPC-2144Plug cable adapterfor ID31E12.515.125
BC-147SEAC adapterfor several cargers12.515.125*
MB-112GBelt clipfor RX712.515.125*
MB-103Belt clipfor BP210N & M7112.515.125*
MB-107Belt clipfor E80D12.515.125
OPC-1155Extension cable for controllerfor 2720H1214.52
MB-127Belt clipfor ID31E1214.52*
OPC-591Cloning cable (Trcv->Trcv)for A110EURO1214.52*
OPC-592Plug adapter (OPC478->Trcv)for A110EURO1214.52*
MB-111Belt clipfor E92D1113.31
HM-131L CURLYSpeaker microphone CABLE (L-shape)for HM-131L1113.31*
MB-85*****Combination Bracketfor 2725E1113.31
LC-161Carrying casefor E71113.31
HM-46Curly*****Curly wirefor HM-461113.31*
OPC-2006Plug cable adptorfor T70E1113.31
MB-63Bracket for detached front panelfor 706MK2G1113.31
MB-56 *****Belt clipfor F301113.31*
LC-152A*****Carrying casefor E901113.31
OPC-1248*****Connection cable for PS-125for 7031113.31
FA-51 *****Flexible antennafor Alpha 61113.31
MB-72Carrying handlefor 706MK2G1113.31
FA-50 *****Flexible antennafor Alpha 61113.31
BC-174EAC adapterfor BC-1731012.1*
MB-87Swivel Belt Clipfor M21/F3G/F11 series1012.1*
MB-124Belt clipfor F3002/F4002/F3102D/F4102D/M239.911.979*
MB-74NBelt clipfor F3G-serie9.511.495*
MB-106Carrying handlefor 7000910.89
UT-16 *****Voice synthesizer unitfor 27E89.68
OPC-1663Front sepration cablefor E282078.47
SP-13Earphonefor several hand-held6.57.865*
MB-83*****Belt clipfor T9067.26
UT-72 *****Tone squelch unitfor 2iE67.26
MB-68Belt clipfor F3/T25.56.655*
MB-76Belt clipfor A5/A235.56.655*
MB-3Beltclipfor M1EURO56.05*