Motorola DIMETRA IP Micro TETRA system


Demonstration system now up for sale or for rental purposes. It is a complet system consist of:

  • MTS 2 cabinet
  • Server cabinet (separate)
  • 1 baseradios 350-430 MHz.
  • 1 baseradios 350-470 MHz.
  • 1 duplexfilter 390 – 395 MHz.
  • 1 duplexfilter 420 – 425 MHz.
  • 1 RX bandfilter 380 – 385 MHz.
  • TX-combiner
  • GPS antenna
  • Procom UHF antenna
  • Coax cable 20 m.
  • 100 licences

Interested? Please drop us an e-mail or a call (+31628300420)



For sale or rental, used but as good as new Motorola DIMETRA IP Micro TETRA system

The Dimetra IP Micro is an evolution of Motorola’s Dimetra family switches, and is an optimized solution for industrial and commercial customers who want both to increase efficiency and reliability of communications, and to monitor and control resources in the field. It is also targeted at customers who demand TETRA best-in-class monitoring and control systems, including voice trunking, data services, priority queue, group and individual calls, semi-and full-IP-based full-duplex telephony, secure transponder-based communications and an interface to conventional channels

In addition to voice communication, the Release 3.0 of Dimetra IP Micro offers advanced security options as well as extensive data sharing options that allow the mobile teams to access content such as service orders residing in back office systems. In particular, Release 3.0 introduces TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) on the Dimetra IP Micro platform. This allows companies to benefit from up to 20 times more data capacity and provides support for a wider range of applications.

Dimetra IP Compact from Motorola is a fully integrated TETRA radio communications solution, developed to meet the needs of users operating in the areas of public security, industry, commerce and companies of all sizes and in all market sectors. Modular, scalable, compact and convenient, Dimetra IP Compact offers a flexible architecture that supports all the high-quality voice and data features required by professional mobile radio users, in a solution that can grow with the number of users or with the evolution of operational requirements, making efficient investment management possible. From a small voice communications solution to the implementation of voice and data systems, a modular approach ensures the possibility of expanding coverage and services based on growth needs, without any problem for existing users.

Dimetra IP Compact is able to increase productivity and efficiency of resources, allowing for greater competitiveness. A full range of functionalities allows a more effective management of resources and the flexibility to cope with any type of situation: Group and individual calls, DGNA (Dynamic Regrouping), intrinsic security of digital communications, Air Interface Encryption, end-end encryption high-level solutions and Crypto Key Management solutions for effective management of secure radio networks, Reporting of position by means of GPS receivers integrated into Motorola terminals with the help of TETRA SDS services